• _GCW7687-6x4“Georgina is a very attentive, calm and inspiring photographer. She has drawn my attention to the elements that matter in photography and how important it is to  build a rapport with your subject. She has helped me be more determined with my photography and I have just had one of my photos featured in a photography magazine!” Laura Shimili


  • “I’ve always been keen on photography but always had my camera on automatic, too scared and with no knowledge how to use manual or the meaning of ISO! I highly recommend Georgina as a photography teacher. She is very patient and is using her extensive knowledge to teach others to become excellent photographers.” Robert Tatlow


  • “As a self-taught photographer, a session with Georgina really helped to shore up my confidence in the skills I had developed and plug the inevitable technical gaps, as well as teach me new techniques. Useful and – thanks to her sunny personality – a real pleasure.” Zoe Flood


  • “Having a one-on-one session meant that I could learn at my own level and speed. I loved the freedom of this approach, rather than learning by a rigid textbook. I also loved that you came to my home, as I felt comfortable in my own surroundings and I’m now taking pictures of everyday things around me that I usually wouldn’t.” Barney Wrightson


  • “As an enthusiastic amateur I wanted to take my photography onto the next level and the course was exactly what I needed. It was taken at a pace that I could deal with, gave me plenty of time to explore the many questions that I had already and had the right amount of structure so that none of the essentials were missed. After the theory side of the course, we then went into the field. The opportunity to take these lessons out of the classroom and to start to use them immediately, on a one-to-one basis, really set the issues that I had learnt firmly as a foundation to improve on. I would highly and happily recommend this course as an essential part of taking the next step on towards having a better understanding of the craft and ultimately to taking better photographs.“ D’Arcy Wyvill