Beginners One-Day Workshop

This course aims to teach the fundamentals of photography, helping you gain the confidence to move beyond automatic and into semi-automatic modes. Digital cameras with all their buttons and functions can often appear daunting. I’ll help jargon bust, and reveal how an understanding of just a few controls can make all the difference to your photos. For up to 6 people.

  • Where: Wiltshire
  • Price: £125 pp
  • Beginners One-Day Workshop

Key topics covered

This workshop is for beginners and less experienced photographers wanting to develop their photography skills.

I'll get you out with your camera so you can practice what you've learned straight away.

You'll learn:

  • The key controls on your own camera
  • The importance of light
  • An introduction to composition
  • How to control aperture and depth of field

The fee includes tuition (9.30-5.30), course notes, lunch, tea/coffee & biscuits throughout the day! For workshop timings, logistics etc, see below.


Workshop Logistics , Gift Vouchers & Free Places

Beginners One-Day Workshop


For the nitty gritty workshop details: what to bring etc please click on the above photo.

Beginners One-Day Workshop


A gift voucher could be the perfect present for a friend or relative with a keen interest in photography. Please click on the above image to find out more.

Beginners One-Day Workshop


If you'd like to arrange a workshop - bespoke or an existing one - for a group of 6, and are happy to be in charge of logistics, lunch and the location, then you're place will be free! Please click on the above image to discuss.

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